Midway to Main Street


About Midway to Main Street

“Welcome to Midway to Main Street, a YouTube channel in which we explore the history and behind-the-scenes of theme parks and amusements around the world! We cover everything from the first midway of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair to contemporary theme parks like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Studios! Where did the first pressed penny come from? How much garbage does Walt Disney World collect a year? Who was Little Egypt? What was Hulk Hogan’s action show at Disney World all about? Who was Lucy the Elephant? Join us at Midway to Main Street for answers to all of these questions and more!


More about The Documentary District: We are a team dedicated to highlighting documentary films and projects in an effort to promote independent film making. We also provide information on where to stream new documentaries as they become available. If you have a film or project that you would like to submit, you can visit our Submit a Film page.

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