About Us

At The Documentary District, we have always been huge fans of documentary films and projects. The good news is there are countless outlets for creators to upload their media to. The bad news? It has become increasingly difficult to find the documentaries that fit your style. The District wanted to do our part to help filmmakers and documentary fans alike. To support these groups we are compiling a list of documentaries and projects that showcase the best of what the genre has to offer.


How We Review Projects

Keep it simple stupid. Rather than getting buried deep in wordy reviews and suggestions, we keep it simple:

No Reviews: You won’t find page long reviews on The Documentary District. We believe the best way to suggest new projects for fans is by providing them with basic information about a film. For each of our selections, you’ll be given their trailer, artwork, list of awards won, where to stream the film, and the director’s name. We think with all this info you’ll be able to determine for yourself whether something is worth the watch!

District’s Grade: Ranging from A to C-, we grade all the documentaries we watch on a simple scale. It’s like high school all over again….

District’s Category:

Niche (worth the watch for those interested in the topic), Worth It (worth your time), Classic (one of the best examples of the documentary genre).

Sub-Genres: We include a few “sub-genres” so that you can easily search and find related films.


We would love to have you submit your documentary. The more films and projects we can showcase the better! To contact us use: DocumentaryDistrict@gmail.com




The Documentary District is the creation of 90sKid. Struggling to find a way to keep track of all the documentaries they had watched, 90sKid started TheDocumentaryDistrict.com.

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