Kaepernick & America

Kaepernick & America

Kaepernick & America (2022)

“It was the summer of 2016, an election year with unrest rumbling through America. There were countless triggers – the murder videos of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling, the counterpunch of Alt-Right and Fake News, Black Lives Matter, Russian meddling – a discordant national cauldron ready to boil over. It was the birth of Trumpism, but no one knew it yet.

Then, Colin Kaepernick took a knee and America lost its mind. Kaep’s knee touched down on the divide between America’s Black and white tectonic plates, creating an earthquake in the eternal race debate. The aftershocks of his singular gesture have already rippled through our country for years.

Kaepernick himself answered any and all thoughtful questions for a time, then stopped talking. The resulting quiet has allowed for a thoughtful examination of the man and his story. It reveals layers upon layers of surprises and contradictions. Raised in a white family, he became a Black quarterback, while in fact he is an adopted, bi-racial man. Inherently shy, he became the center of attention. The man everyone was talking about was mostly silent. He took a stand by taking a knee.

Kaepernick & America examines the man and his protest, exploring the remarkable conflict stirred by such a simple gesture. -Kaepernick & America

Kaepernick & America
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Run Time:1 Hour 22 Mins
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Awards:Documentary Competition Award Nominee (Seattle International Film Festival)
Rotten Tomatoes Score ™:89% (Tomatometer), N/A (Audience)
Director:Ross Hockrow, Tommy Walker
Cast: Nate Boyer, Don Lemon, Pam Oliver
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