Civil: Ben Crump (2022)

Civil: Ben Crump

Civil: Ben Crump (2022)

“CIVIL is an intimate vérité look at the life of maverick civil rights attorney Ben Crump and his mission to raise the value of Black life in America. Through the lens of award-winning filmmaker Nadia Hallgren (Becoming), CIVIL follows a year in the life as Crump takes on the civil cases for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Black farmers and banking while Black victims. Produced by Kenya Barris, Roger Ross Williams, Lauren Cioffi and Nadia Hallgren.” -Netflix

Civil: Ben Crump (2022)
Film Facts
Sub-Genres:Biography, Politics
Run Time:1 Hour 41 Mins
District Grade:Not Yet Graded
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Rotten Tomatoes Score ™:80% (Tomatometer), N/A (Audience)
Director:Nadia Hallgren
Cast: Benjamin Crump
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