Abandoned - Epcot's Communicore

Abandoned – Epcot’s Communicore

Abandoned – Epcot’s Communicore (2022)

In 1982, The Walt Disney Company opened their ambitious park of the future. A theme park designed to inspire and educate people on the world, culture, history and most importantly, our collective future. In Epcot Centre’s Future World section, two buildings stood as the core for the entire park, a showcase of science and technology in a hands on format. Communicore was Epcot’s Main Street USA and stood for many years as a showcase of the future. Ultimately with new company leadership, it was changed to Innoventions. The purpose was lost over the years until it fell into a depressing state with large portions abandoned. Now we’re looking to the future of what Disney Parks have in store for the buildings. Plans which themselves might even be abandoned…-Bright Sun Films

Abandoned - Epcot's Communicore
District Grade:A-
Sub-Genres:YouTube, Pop Culture, Nostalgia, Theme Parks, Disney
Run Time:27 Mins
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