The First Wave (2021)

The First Wave

The First Wave (2021)

“​With exclusive access inside one of New York’s hardest hit hospital systems during the terrifying first four months of the pandemic, Oscar®-nominated and Emmy® Award-winning director Matthew Heineman’s THE FIRST WAVE spotlights the everyday heroes at the epicenter of COVID-19 as they come together to fight one of the greatest threats the world has ever encountered.”-NatGeo

District Grade:A-
District Category:Classic
Sub-Genres: People, Life, Health, History
Run Time:1hr 33mins

The District Categories: Niche (worth the watch for those interested in the topic), Worth It (worth your time), Classic (one of the best examples of the documentary genre), Skip It (not worth your time)


The District’s Quick Hits

Awards:Outstanding Achievement in Production Nominee (Cinema Eye Honors Awards), Best Editing Nominee (Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards), Best Original Song – Documentary Nominee (Hollywood Music In Media Awards), Pare Lorentz Award Winner, Best Cinematography Nominee (International Documentary Association), Outstanding Documentary Cinematography Nominee (International Documentary Association), David Carr Award for Truth in Non-Fiction Filmmaking Winner, Bruce Sinofsky Prize for Documentary Feature Nominee (Montclair Film Festival), Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures Nominee (PGA Awards), Best Documentary Feature Winner, Best Documentary Feature Winner (Philadelphia Film Festival), Best Documentary Feature Film Winner (Utah Film Critics Association Awards), Best Documentary Nominee (Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards)
Where To Stream:Hulu
Rotten Tomatoes Score ™:97% (Tomatometer), 85% (Audience)
Director:Matthew Heineman
Cast: N/A
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