America's Hidden Stories: Salem's Secrets

America’s Hidden Stories: Salem’s Secrets

America’s Hidden Stories: Salem’s Secrets (2020)

In 1692, the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts found themselves in a panic over witchcraft. But after several months, the paranoia and violence ended almost as quickly as it began. All trials were halted, publications about the terror were officially banned, and the location of the execution site vanished from any records. Today, a group of historians uncovers new information about the infamous witch hunt in an effort to answer its most enduring mysteries.-HBO

America's Hidden Stories: Salem's Secrets
District Grade:C+
District Category:Niche
Sub-Genres: History, Religion
Run Time:51 Minutes

The District Categories: Niche (worth the watch for those interested in the topic), Worth It (worth your time), Classic (one of the best examples of the documentary genre), Skip It (not worth your time)


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Where To Stream:YouTube
Rotten Tomatoes Score ™:N/A
Director:Lisa Quijano Wolfinger
Cast: Josh Goodman, Adam LaFramboise
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America's Hidden Stories: Salem's Secrets

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