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This is How We Roll (October 8, 2021)

Fred Grubb, a risk-taking country boy from nowhere Wyoming, flips the amusement park industry on its head through his unconventional vision of theme park rides. Determined to find a solution for maintaining old wooden roller coasters, Fred enlists the help of veteran designer Alan Schilke to develop a new type of track that delivers a thrilling ride experience. Plagued by the doubts of his peers for his seemingly outlandish idea, Fred fights to prove that his new hybrid coaster will be smooth, fast paced, and combine the best aspects of wood and steel. To his absolute shock, Six Flags calls with the opportunity of a lifetime: redo the Texas Giant. The only problem is he has no staff, no tools, and no money. How hard can it be? – Coaster Studios

Where to Watch:Vimeo
Sub-Genres:Pop Culture, Business
Run Time:N/A
Release Date:October 8, 2021

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Director:Taylor Bybee
Stars:Fred Grubb, Alan Schilke, Amy Garcia
This is How We Roll Film Poster

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