The Rise of Asics: How an Octopus Tentacle Led to a Running Shoe Empire

The Rise of Asics: How an Octopus Tentacle Led to a Running Shoe Empire (2021)

“Asic’s history dates all the way back to post World War II Japan. Which makes it one of the oldest footwear companies in the world. As some of you know already, the company was formerly known as Onitsuka Tiger (The company Phil Knight worked for before starting Nike) and was later named Asics. Asics & the Onitsuka make some of the most classic and finest sneakers in the world. Still to this day. In this video we cover the history of ASICS and discuss why the company’s legacy is perhaps the most important of them all.”NachoAverageFinds

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“My brother Bryan and I decided to launch this channel as a love letter to sneaker culture. On this channel you will see high quality videos focused on sneaker history and all things related to sneakers.

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