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Honeyland (2019)

Hatidze lives with her ailing mother in the mountains of Macedonia, making a living cultivating honey using ancient beekeeping traditions. When an unruly family moves in next door, what at first seems like a balm for her solitude becomes a source of tension as they, too, want to practice beekeeping, while disregarding her advice“-NEON

Honeyland Film Movie Poster
District’s Grade:A-
District’s Category:Classic
Sub-Genres:People, Industry, Life, Nature, Environment
Run Time:89 Mins
The District Categories: Niche (worth the watch for those interested in the topic), Worth It (worth your time), Classic (one of the best examples of the documentary genre), Skip It (not worth your time)

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“The HONEYLAND story began long before humans ever lived in the region, but our narrative starts with its last two remaining inhabitants: Hatidze and her mother Nazife. Just as worker bees spend their entire lives taking care of the queen bee which never leaves the hive, Hatidze has committed her own life to the care of her blind and paralyzed mother, unable to leave their ramshackle hut. The film is set in an unearthly lan, unattached to a specific time and geography, unreachable by regular roads, and yet, only 20 km away from the nearest modern city”Honeyland

The District’s Quick Hits

Awards:Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Non-Fiction Filmmaking (American Society of Cinematographers), Best Documentary (Athens International Film Festival), Documentary Feature (Berkshire International Film Festival), Best Documentary (Boston Society of Film Critics Awards), Best Documentary (Chlotrudis Awards), Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography (Cinema Eye Honors Awards), The Unforgettables (Cinema Eye Honors Awards), Most Compelling Living Subject of a Documentary (Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards), Best First Documentary Feature (Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards), Best Documentary Film (Denver Film Critics Society), Best International Film (DocAviv Film Festival), Best Documentary (DocsBarcelona), Best Documentary Feature (Faro Island Film Festival), Documentary of the Year (GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics), Best Cinematography (International Documentary Association), Pare Lorentz Alarm (International Documentary Association), Best Documentary (International Online Cinema Awards), Documentary Feature (Montclair Film Festival), Special Mention (Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival), Golden Gateway Award (Mumbai Film Festival), Best Non-Fiction Film (National Society of Film Critics Awards), Best Non-Fiction Film (New York Film Critics Circle Awards), Best Documentary Feature (North Dakota Film Society), Best Feature Film (Sarajevo Film Festival), Documentary Feature (Sarasota Film Festival), Environmental Law Organization’s Prize (St. Petersburg Message to Man Film Festival), Best Debut (St. Petersburg Message to Man Film Festival), Cinematography Award (Sundance Film Festival), Grand Jury Prize (Sundance Film Festival), World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award (Sundance Film Festival), New Directors Competition (São Paulo International Film Festival), Critics Award (São Paulo International Film Festival), Green Spike (Valladolid International Film Festival), Best Documentary (Vancouver Film Critics Circle)
Where To Stream:Hulu ($)
Director:Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov
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89 Minutes
Final Grade: A-
Now Streaming On: Hulu


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