On Thin ICE

On Thin Ice: The Olympic Struggle For Equality in Sports (2021)

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Meet the men and women who have struggled for acceptance not only in sport, but in society. Find out how playing the game on the field can translate into sociopolitical progress off the field-CBC

District’s Grade:B
District’s Category:Worth It
Sub-Genres:Sports, Politics
Run Time:90 Mins
Director:Keli Price
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“Jack Brooks escaped the pogroms in 1923 and went on to become one of the premier speed skaters of interwar America. He skated with the U.S. Olympic team and traveled to Lake Placid in 1932 for the III Olympic Winter Games. But his dream was cut short. Singled out because of the religion he practiced and the place he called home, the “speedster from Poland” became a spectator on the sidelines. This is the story of his life and the lives of the men and women who came after him. This is a testament to their collective fight for fairness, and to the abiding spirit that sport can and should advance greater understanding of ourselves and each other“- Safier Entertainment

Starring: Evander Holyfield, Robbie Rogers, Aimee Mullins, Apolo Ohno, Michael Sam, Greg Louganis
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On Thin Ice: The Olympic Struggle For Equality in Sports

90 Minutes
Worth It
Final Grade: B
Now Streaming On: Hoopla

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