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Tough Guy: The Probert Story

Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story (2019)

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During a notorious career with the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks, Bob Probert racked up points, penalty minutes and bar bills, establishing himself as one of the most feared enforcers in the history of the NHL. On the ice, he was a fan favorite. He backed up his teammates, taking on the toughest guys of his era. Off the ice, Probert played hard too. Over his pro career he went though ten stays in rehab, two NHL suspensions, a jail sentence for carrying cocaine across the boarder and a near fatal motorcycle crash.

District’s Grade:A-
District’s Category:Niche
Sub-Genres:Detroit, Sports, Hockey
Run Time:94 Mins
Director:Geordie Day
Studio: Dark Star Pictures
The District Categories: Niche (worth the watch for those interested in the topic), Worth It (worth your time), Classic (one of the best examples of the documentary genre), Skip It (not worth your time)

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When he died unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 5, 2010, at the age of forty-five, he was hard at work on his memoir with co-author Kirstie McLellan Day. The tape recordings from her interviews with Probert are used throughout the documentary, allowing Bob to tell his own story, in his own words. With his unique sense of humor and inside stories, Probert gives us his adrenaline-fueled life as the toughest fighter in the NHL“- Dark Star Pictures


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Starring: Bob Probert, Tie Domi, Don Cherry, Joe Kocur, Dani Probert, Chris Chelios, Jeremy Roenick
Where To StreamAmazon Prime
Run Time:94 Mins
Director:Geordie Day
Studio: Dark Star Pictures
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Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story

94 Minutes
Niche Film
Final Grade: A-
Now Streaming On: Amazon Prime

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